We start with a phone chat consultation so I can get to know you! We discuss the images you've sent as well as the inspirations. From there, I formulate a design fee based on the scope of work that we discussed and give you a timeframe for completion. Once payment is received, I begin working on your design renderings along with your plant list that corresponds with your numbered designs. Once you approve, I make necessary edits (you get one revision included in the cost!) and price out your plant list to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for the plants.

I'm confident that I'll speak life into your outdoor space! I offer one revision for the design to include minor changes. If you need more edits, you can purchase them for $100/hour of design time. 

This depends on the season! During peak seasons, I estimate 5-8wks after payment is received for your design. 

No. Thanks to the world wide web and cell phones, we can do everything more efficiently!

Here are a few tips for taking the images:

1. Take them in landscape mode - this is a horizontal image. This allows me to get more of the landscape in one image. 

2. I need the images to be at least 1MB. If you have a professional camera that's great! If not, set your phone to the highest resolution possible. 

3. The architecture of your home is what inspires your landscape. Try to get as much of your house in the photos and any surrounding obstacles that I will be working around.

4. Lighting is key. Try to avoid the harsh sun by taking the images at dawn or dusk and also when it isn't raining. 

There are no refunds if you simply don't like the design. My goal is to give you a design that compliments your style, the architecture of your house, and your maintenance style. Remember, one revision is included in the design price and if you still need more revisions, they can be purchased for $100/hr of design time. I'm confident that you'll love the vision I create because it's customized based on your home and our conversation about your style and your needs. 

I love this! If you're like me, you want to see the result before you execute it. I'm able to do exactly that in the design renderings. Whether it's a new paint color, a new she-shed, or exterior shutters, I can pull the vision together for you! This is a valuable resource as you're considering changes to your home because you can see what it looks like before you dive into large expenses. 

With my design, you'll receive a master plan that you can break down into phases to fit your budget and schedule. Think of it as your map: you get to choose what speed you travel. 

You'll have three options once your design is complete:

1. Install the design yourself by utilizing the plant list.

2. Take the design and plant list to your favorite trusted landscaper to install.

3. Contract Those Plant Ladies to complete the installation. The benefit here is that I'm a co-owner of Those Plant Ladies so you get the designer on-site for the installation. I love seeing my designs come to life and because I've worked in landscape for more than ten years, I have the ability to problem-solve any hurdles that pop up while we're installing. Who better to install than the designer herself?

Every design is unique and customized. I formulate your design fee based on the scope of work needed for your design. There is no project too large or too small; I tackle everything from small gardens to large, commercial projects.