I grew up on a small farm in North Carolina, where I learned the meaning of hard work through using my hands to live off the land. My love for the outdoors stemmed from those long days planting crops, tilling, fertilizing, watering, and finally harvesting them. I learned that it’s a process that takes a lot of persistence and patience.

I'm Fawn Renae

I remember riding the school bus in elementary and middle school and visualizing how I would change the exterior paint color or add Different plants to the landscapes of my friend's homes to give more curb appeal. It seemed so natural to me.

Hey there

I pursued college and graduated with both my horticulture and turfgrass degrees. From there, I began my career in the sports field industry, managing athletic fields and campus landscaping. I worked my way up the ladder to a management position, educating, instructing, and supervising a full-time crew. On weekends, I expanded my knowledge and skills to the professional level, preparing fields like the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Knights field for game days.

My entire life, I've been gaining skills and knowledge, learning different trades, perfecting my craft, and executing hard work in pursuit of fulfilling my purpose in this life. With ten years of landscape/sports field management under my belt, I’m tapping back into my childhood vision of transforming homes and businesses with my designs.

Teamwork really does make the dream work! After doing it all myself, I realized I needed help. These ladies came to me at just the perfect time in life and business. They each bring different skill sets and unique qualities to the table. From associate designers to horticulturalists to client care coordinators, it takes an army to keep this small business running and serve our clients to the highest potential. I am so grateful for each one and their impact on me!


Teamwork makes the dream work!













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