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Your home should be your oasis… your retreat. Adding exterior design allows you to confidently make decisions about things like changing the paint color or extending your porch. Each design is customized to be stunning and functional. Every home tells a story… make sure yours tells the story you want to share with the world.


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The Private Courtyard

Design Wishlist:

This is my 3rd virtual design for my client Jeremy, of JJacobs Grounds in Eureka, Illinois. This design is so special because it’s for Jeremy and Kalsey’s own backyard! This Zone 5 couple sent me Pinterest inspirational images to help guide the vision for their private courtyard behind their house. They wanted a contemporary feel with predominantly greens for the landscape. The pool is a sleek rectangle and they wanted to accentuate it with 24-inch coping to surround it. Jeremy is a grass guy, so it was important to incorporate grass in this private retreat. I added planters to aid in the elegant feel as well as upright junipers and a ring of arborvitaes to provide the seclusion from the surrounding property.

The large white pergola really grabs your attention. I love that it’s such a statement while it still compliments the exterior of their house. The rattan light fixtures and egg chairs are a fun detail too!

Jeremy and Kalsey wanted a courtyard gate to extend past the privacy wall where they could access the new location of their raised garden beds filled with vegetables and cut flowers. 

I provided a vision for the firepit area with a white upright fireplace with a rose trellising the side for elegant detail. The teak sectional sofas provide an additional space for entertainment. 

The pool pump and ac unit received a privacy screen with a wooden fence while still allowing access for maintenance. I love the pea-gravel walkway with stepping stones to allow for traffic to flow from the garage to the backyard. Add in outdoor lighting and WOWZA! A quaint, outdoor retreat you wouldn’t believe could be found in this Eureka location! 

+ Contemporary vision
+ Greens & Grass
+ Pool Retreat 
+ Courtyard Gate For Privacy
+ Firepit with Rose Trellis
+ entertainment area
+ Pool pump screening


The Modern Scandinavian

My clients knew their house didn't match their modern Scandinavian style. Located in South Charlotte in an older, well-established community, Sara and Ash had big dreams for their home. During our virtual consultation, I learned a lot about this couple and their style. Ash is a woodworker and business owner; Sara is a realtor so they needed help pulling a vision together to combine their styles. We looked over their Pinterest boards where I began to envision their mid-century, meets modern, meets Scandinavian, meets Japanese garden, meets Monterey style. I told you I love making each exterior unique to each homeowner!
The backyard was top priority for this family of 4 with a big wish-list. Sara and Ash were looking for a she-shed for Sara’s Peleton workouts, a fire pit area to hangout, and a fun and functional space that was golden doodle-friendly. They also envisioned a custom tree house that Ash would create for their 3-year-old, and an artificial soccer field to burn some energy off. I gave them a vision for the back sunroom area that would be converted into the woodworking shop for Ash to spend time perfecting his craft.
This landscape is very low-maintenance with the rock details, evergreens, and ornamental grasses. My favorite feature is the pops of black river rock that contrasts with the white rock.

Design Wishlist:

+ Scandinavian style
+ she-shed for workout
+ firepit area to hangout
+ fun & functional
+ dog friendly
+ artificial soccer field
+ low maintenance upkeep


The Morganton Manor

We chose to keep the patriotic stars and stripes as the focal point of this design. This client is a young veteran and I was proud to make his vision come to life. He bought this house and fixed up the interior for himself and his two kiddos. For the exterior, he was considering a whitewash brick but was hesitant to take the leap without knowing what it would look like.

I added black contrasting windows and wooden details to the front door and window sills. The cool-toned shutters make a huge difference for the youthful exterior too!
For the landscape, he wanted low-maintenance shrubs that could withstand long trips back overseas if that becomes his reality. 

The back garage was converted into a living area, so I swapped out the rising doors for bifold black metal french doors. What an impact, right?! I added seating outside of the new living space and topped it with a pergola. Who wouldn’t want to live in this gorgeous, historic neighborhood?

Design Wishlist:

+ patriotic
+ whitewash brick
+ contrasting windows
+ wood details
+ low maintenance shrubs
+ converted garage
+ pergola & outdoor seating


the Huitt House

This design is the perfect example of a fresh perspective and how it can make a huge impact on the curb appeal of a home! My client reached out and wanted more oomph for her landscape. She knew she wanted more than the boring boxwoods that were there now but she had no idea where to start. 

I gave her a beautiful design with plants that I knew would survive her full-sun mornings and clay soil. I added low-maintenance perennials along the front to give color from spring until fall. We also incorporated the existing boxwoods into the new design. Doesn’t it make a huge difference?

Design Wishlist:

+ fresh pops of color
+ low maintenance perennials
+ year round color
+ incorporate existing boxwoods


the Cedar Mountain House

This home is situated on the rolling hills of North Carolina, and my clients built their dream home to raise their family. The architecture of this house is strong and dramatic. The cedar beams and rock detail reminded me of a mountain lodge.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I was able to add more dimension and height to the left side of the house by adding evergreen trees and rock boulders. This design took on a natural evergreen vibe with different textures and pops of color to draw your eye inward to the front door. I also designed a privacy screen to block their neighbor's house, so they feel like they are secluded on their property!

This family is eager to execute the project themselves. With my design, a numbered layout, and corresponding plant list, they can do it and make it a family affair. 

Design Wishlist:

+ add dimension & height to balance house
+ evergreen trees
+ rock boulders
+ textures & pops of color
+ privacy screen


the Updated Farmhouse

Isn’t she gorgeous? My clients wanted a new landscape vision for their home. During our consultation they expressed their dreams of a painted exterior with a new porch overhang.

I surprised them with an exterior transformation to match their dreams! They were so ecstatic for their vision to come to life that they have already begun implementing! Doesn’t the design transformation make the house look twice as big? Taking a two-tone house to a monochromatic look gives it a modern, updated feel. For the landscape design, I selected pops of color near the driveway and kept lots of green across the front. Trees added height on each end of the home and planters welcome you to the front porch. This renewed exterior is bursting with life!

Design Wishlist:

+ painted exterior
+ new porch overhang
+ modern updates
+ pops of color
+ balance


The Coastal Spanish House

Sometimes when I chat with a client, it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. This client reached out via Instagram after she had followed along with other home transformations. 

We set up a virtual consultation, and we walked her property and discussed her dreams for her new home. The style of her home has a Spanish vibe but since she lives in zone eight, most Spanish style plants are unrealistic for her growing conditions. I was able to carefully select varieties of plants that would mimic the Spanish and coastal vibe but would also thrive in her zone. Hello agave, palms, rosemary and texas sage, olive trees, and climbing roses. 

The result is a welcoming vibe that matches the architecture of her home!

Design Wishlist:

+ spanish vibes
+ agave, palms, rosemary, texas sage
+ olive trees
+ climbing roses
+ highlight architecture


The Virginia Perennial Garden

The most important piece of a design is understanding the dream behind it. Alice wanted to give her new home some exterior love! She has a few years left until retirement and was ready to add landscaping around her house so she can look forward to her garden. She dreamed of walking outside and picking cut-flowers to use as table arrangements and gifts.

Alice told me about her property being on a Christmas tree farm in Virginia and how she wanted to keep the mountain ambiance. I added conifers to frame the front door as well as the sides of her house.

By adding a landscape design that exceeds the corner of the house, it actually makes your home look longer! Alice is planning to have Those Plant Ladies complete her installation this fall and then she’ll have a gorgeous garden to take her right into her retired years!

Design Wishlist:

+ colorful garden
+ cut-flowers for arrangements
+ keep mountain ambiance
+ make house look longer


the modern Castle

Allison just built this stately home on their property in Snohomish, Washington. She has plans to paint the entire exterior a shade of white and she was ready to transform the landscape to get the full effect. 

During our virtual consultation, she shared her vision and dreams for her new home.
I chose an Italian-style landscape and added a fountain feature surrounded by a knot garden to give a true “wow” factor. We reformatted the entrance plan to keep their home secluded from another residence on property. I added privacy from the neighboring barn and a rose trellis to frame the garage. In the back, I incorporated a playground area and an outdoor living space. Included in her purchase is an overarching landscape plan; Allison plans to implement this design herself in phases. 

Design Wishlist:

+ paint exterior white
+ transform landscape
+ italian style
+ fountain & knot garden
+ Add privacy seclusion
+ rose trellis
+ playground area
+ Outdoor living space


The Atlanta Film Studio Entrance

Many of my landscape transformations take place at homes so it’s exciting when I get to switch things up and work on a commercial property. Landscape design should make a building feel welcoming and inviting. Justin is a fellow sports field manager (that was my career before this one!) and he landed in my Instagram DM’s after he saw my recent work. He manages a few properties as a side hustle and he was ready to rip out the outdated landscape and start fresh. He knew that Blackhall Studio deserved more!

For this design, I added color to the entryway and paired that with magnolia trees to add dimension to the solid roofline. New shrubs and flowers along the walkway invite you all the way to the door. This Atlanta studio comes with acreage and I’m so excited to tackle the rest of it soon! A fresh design and a new friend… #winning!

Design Wishlist:

- remove existing landscape
+ add color to entryway
+ dimension to solid roofline
+ new shrubs & flowers 
+ Create inviting walkway 


The Craftsman Cottage

The architecture of a craftsman cottage has so much character… and the landscape should too! My clients found me online, and since they’re local, I actually got to meet them and walk their property for the consultation. They shared their vision and their Pinterest board for inspiration. 

For the landscape design, we selected lots of green and white; hostas to line the driveway and shrubs along the front of the house. This family had updates to their home in mind: fresh grey paint, an updated porch, and a new front door. I was able to include that in my design for visual representation. Those Plant Ladies completed a landscape renovation in the front and a hardscape installation in the back. 

Design Wishlist:

- remove existing landscape
+ paint home
+ updated porch & front door
+ greens and whites
+ Hostas & shrubs


The Moody Midcentury Modern

Hello, MOODY! Amy reached out to inquire about a custom virtual landscape design for her home. She has 3 teenage boys and runs a successful floral and event planning business. Amy was looking for a low-maintenance landscape that would fit her style for the days she found herself at home. Amy dreamed of having plants she could step outside and harvest for herself and her clients. 

We went totally dark and moody on the exterior of this house, giving it a more modern feel with the wooden accents. Her house is tucked in the woods, so shade is a huge factor when selecting plants that can thrive in her location. I highlighted the pathways with outdoor lighting that direct you to different living spaces of the yard. The nighttime design brings a whole new personality to the yard! 

Design Wishlist:

+ dark and moody exterior
+ Modern feel with wood accents
+ cut-flowers for arrangements
+ pathway lighting
+ add character & textures


The Downtown Atlanta Project

This million-dollar property needed an exterior as beautiful as the interior. Max from Woodburn Landscapes reached out about creating a custom design for this gorgeous property. He sent photos and drone footage so that I could get perspective of the size of this estate. During our consultation, we talked about upgrading the value of the home by stepping up the curb appeal. He shared his clients’ personality and desires.

My design incorporated pops of color along the walkway to create a welcoming vibe. We carefully selected the plant list to establish a bit of privacy from the road while still keeping the design open. This home now has an outdoor experience that matches the value.

I love connecting with other industry enthusiasts who are passionate and forward-thinking! Even more, Max has become a friend through our collaborations.

Design Wishlist:

+ upgrade property value
+ curb appeal
+ pops of color along walkway
+ privacy from road


the Airbnb Farmhouse

Ashley contacted me about her wedding venue property tucked away in the North Carolina hills. Their barn is a popular wedding ceremony and reception location, but the rental house is at the front of the property and it’s the first thing guests see. Ashley was ready to give it some character and charm!

This design included the front and back of the house, giving it a more youthful appearance. Ashley also needed privacy in the back. In order to extend the charm of the acreage to also include this quaint little house, I included height on both sides of the design. Pops of color line the walkway and lead you to the doorway. 

This design was extra fun because I also put her dreams to paper for a brand new design to the front entrance of the property! Ashley knew she wanted something that guests would notice immediately and this one is a show-stopper.

Design Wishlist:

+ character & charm
+ youthful appearance for brides
+ pops of color
+ show stopper
+ enhance wedding venue


The Wedding Venue

Cocktail hour around a pool? Yes, please! J Jacobs Grounds needed a vision for his clients’ unique wedding venue. The owners expressed interest in utilizing a colorful palette for their poolside cocktail hour space. Because this area is connected to a gorgeous historic brick building, the owners were ready to update it with a fresh look.

My landscape design incorporated a variety of heights to help the flow against the solid lines of the architecture. I was able to implement curves and a wide variety of plants to accomplish their colorful vision. The plants were carefully selected to thrive in the Illinois climate and the sunlight of this property. It was so great to have the chance to connect with J Jacobs Grounds and collaborate on this stunning space. 

Design Wishlist:

+ colorful palette 
+ poolside cocktail hour space
+ updated & fresh look
+ height
+ Dimension
+ texture


The Fresh Midcentury

This midcentury house got the ultimate treatment! My client reached out via her interior designer, Bobbi Hunter. Bobbi and I dreamed up the perfect style for her exterior, and I created the visual. 

The homeowner battles muscular dystrophy and some days her pain is so intense that she can barely walk. This landscape had to be low-maintenance so she could just walk outside and enjoy it. She lives in a nature-friendly neighborhood, so each plant selected is deer-resistant. The large concrete walkways give her easy access to every area of her yard. The modern fence was selected so that her dog can enjoy it with her! 

Design Wishlist:

+ Updated modern home
+ low maintenance plants
+ deer resistant
+ accessible walkway
+ modern fence
+ dog friendly


The Mediterranean Garden Manor

This stately home had a nearly non-existent landscape and my client reached out to change that! Their home was built ten years ago and they were ready to feature landscape that complemented the beautiful elements of their home. 

I created a Mediterranean vibe with columnar cypresses to staple the front entrance and lavender in front of the house to welcome guests as they enter. They now have privacy and an outdoor space they can enjoy. They’ll need it because retirement is coming up quick for this couple!

Design Wishlist:

+ mediterranean vibes
+ columnar cypress
+ lavender
+ privacy
+ outdoor retreat


The Engineered Brick House

The name fits my clients perfectly: one is an engineer and the other is second-generation, brick mason. They built this home together a year ago and were simply tired of it looking like it was still a construction site. Fresh landscape will take this from a construction site to your dream home to raise your family!

On the list: new round driveway turnaround, low maintenance plants, brick edging around the beds, and a new entrance from the road. Every detail adds to the character of their new home. I can truly envision this family enjoying this landscape for many years to come! 

Design Wishlist:

+ new round driveway turnaround
+ low maintenance plants
+ brick edging
+ new entrance from road
+ character


The Heavenly Hydrangea

Linda dreamed of a hydrangea garden outside her bedroom window so she could enjoy her coffee in her little version of heaven. I learned so much from Linda -- she has a vast knowledge and love for plants but her busy schedule had let her gardens go untamed and she was ready for a fresh start.

As I got to know Linda and her property more, we discussed her vision. She was ready to incorporate vibrant colors and and beautiful texture throughout the front and back of her home. The luscious plants give her beautiful home the curb appeal it needed and make it a fun and inviting place!

Design Wishlist:

+ hydrangea garden
+ vibrant colors
+ texture
+ luscious plants
+ curb appeal
+ fun & inviting


The Country Farmhouse

This large, newly built farmhouse was a blank canvas when I began my design. The homeowners wanted to give their new home character with curb appeal. They envisioned their children playing on the farm and enjoying the exterior living spaces just as much as the interior. 

For the design, I chose plants that were lower growing around the porch so they could see their rolling hills. I also selected narrow-forming trees that provided height to the house but didn’t block the windows. The stone pavers that lead up to the front entrance give it a natural vibe. My favorite feature is the perennials that will add color from spring until fall but will only require pruning once they’re dormant in the winter. Easy maintenance and beautiful… a WIN for these homeowners!

Design Wishlist:

+ character
+ curb appeal
+ farmhouse exterior
+ enhance mountain views
+ stone pavers
+ featured colorful perennials


stylish Renovations

Don't write these designs off as "EXTRAS." Each space transforms to fit each client's wants/needs. They consist of projects that need minimal plant suggestions to add to an outdoor pot, tips to make the front door more inviting, guidance on where to place exterior landscape lighting to highlight signature plants and walkways, to a complete overhaul of the entire landscape. 
My goal is to listen to the client, dream with them the possibilities of their landscape, and give them a vision and actionable advice to create a space that they want to come home to every day.

Design Wishlist:

+ exterior transformations
+ landscape designs
+ garden dreams
+ virtual experience


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"I knew right away that Fawn was going to be something special. I could tell by her social media page, that she had the talent, experience, and knowledge to design and create custom landscape spaces. Not only is her work eye-catching, but her designs are also very functional. My company J. Jacobs Grounds, has used her services multiple times, and each time we are impressed by her ability to listen to our needs and creatively include them in a landscape design. She has excellent taste for design, but is also willing to listen to our ideas as well. I also think its important to note, that she has COUNTLESS hours of hands on experience actually installing and maintaining lawns and landscapes. For me its an easy 5-Star review for Fawn Renae Design!” 

 - Jeremy Knecht, Owner J. Jacobs Inc. 

“We loved working with Fawn. To see her design come to life was an amazing experience. After the initial consultation, it was easy to communicate back-and-forth with her to make any final changes. We are slowly implementing our plans but so happy that we hired Fawn to visualize the icing on the cake of our dream home!”

-Maria Sigmon, Homeowner